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2016 marked the 50th anniversary of the Bologna Class of 1966. To celebrate this milestone and the special bonds established during their year in Bologna, the class, spearheaded by class leaders Bastiaan Koerner and Ed Morse, decided to endow a Class of 1966 Fellowship to ensure in perpetuity that deserving students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds can take advantage of the uniqueness of the Bologna experience. One year later the class reached and surpassed the goal of $100,000 and in academic year 2017-18 the Class of 1966 Fellowship was awarded to its first recipient, Mr. Dickson Effah from Ghana. In 2021, five years after their first successful effort, the class managed to bring the value of the endowed fund to $200,000 also thanks to the 1:1 match offered by the James Anderson Matching Program.

Since its inception, the fellowship has supported 7 students:

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This year, the Class of 1966 Fellowship recipient is Ms. Livia Benitez from Cuba.

In 2022 class member Wolfgang Mayer, concerned about the negative impact of stock market losses and high inflation rates on the real value of the fellowship, challenged his classmates to raise additional $25,000, which he will match 1:1 to add a total of $50,000 to the endowment capital. So far, the class has raised $20,000 including the first match transfer from Wolfgang.

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