Class of 1989 Initiative

"On the occasion of its 20th anniversary the Bologna Center Class of 1989 launched a generous initiative to support the Center's building campaign by naming the renovated and expanded bar area after their class in honor of former barista Ivo Rossetti.

With the aim of encouraging each and every one of their classmates to give, in the true spirit of the class initiative, the class leaders have decided to re-size the original $300,000 goal - to name the renovated and expanded bar area after their class in honor of former barista Ivo Rossetti - to the less challenging but highly symbolic amount of $89,000 – a meaningful number for the class of 89.

"We have set a goal to raise $89,000 by April 1, 2011 (thought this number might make sense for the BC Class of 89), which will be used to help re-name a part of the new Bologna Center. […] Realistically, we realize that each one of us has different circumstances, but would it not be great if we had 100% class participation in this effort? This 100% participation means that EACH OF US GIVES WHAT IS COMFORTABLE for our individual circumstances, and we really think this is do-able, reasonable and beneficial to OUR school, and will be a wonderful legacy. So please donate what you can." – Ajay and Daniela Kaisth

Class of 1989 members who want to get involved by giving funds or working to raise funds are encouraged to contact: Sarah Kaplan, Adrian Trevisan, and Ajay and Daniela Kaisth or the Bologna Center development staff."

Questions and comments about gifts to the class initiative can be directed to the SAIS Europe development staff.

Make a pledge and/or a gift now on our Online Donations page.

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