Class of 1967 Initiative

The Bologna Center Class of 1967 launched its first initiative during their 40th reunion in 2007. Impressed by the transformation of the building and aware that the funding needs for the renovation were not yet met, they came together and raised $ 7,611.00 to name The Class of 1967 Faculty Office. Click here to see who contributed to the initiative.

In 2012, five years after this successful effort, the class of '67 launched another successful initiative to celebrate their 45th reunion, notably the Class of 1967 Fellowship for SAIS Bologna students. This new initiative raised a total of of $ 21,716.00. Click here to see who contributed to the initiative.

Since 2012, 6 students have benefitted from the Class of 1967 Fellowship: View Fellowship Recipients
This year, the Class of 1967 Fellowship recipient is Mr. Lukas Kisielius from Lithuania.

In preparation for the 50th anniversary in 2017, and in light of its meaningful impact on the life of Bologna students, the Class decided to continue with a 50th anniversary fundraising drive for the Class of 1967 Fellowship. In fact, the funds raised in 2012 for the Fellowship have all been distributed to finance students. As one of the class leaders put it:

"We want to find a way to commemorate the notion that most of us would not be who we are or where we have been without the Bologna and SAIS experience. Many of us would not have attended SAIS were it not for financial assistance. With the cost of higher education staggeringly high, the need is even greater today. The funds we raised for the 1967 Fellowship are depleted as of this fall. Unless we are able to raise sufficient funds, we will no longer be able to award a Class of 1967 Fellowship. Let's not let that happen."

Members of the Class of 1967 who would like to get involved in the initiative, should contact Bonnie Wilson, Lynne Lambert, Alessandro Minuto Rizzo, or the Bologna Center development staff.

Questions and comments about gifts to the class initiative can be directed to the SAIS Europe development staff.

Make a pledge and/or a gift now on our Online Donations page.

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