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UK Charitable Trust

The Bologna Center UK Charitable Trust - a registered Charity in the UK - was founded in 1991 in London by a group of Bolognesi led by alumnus Jonathan Cooper with the goal to support the Center in Bologna in the advancement of education by the promotion in the UK of post graduate study courses offered by the Bologna Center including the provision of financial assistance including scholarships, exhibitions and bursaries to British students at the Center.

Current Trust members are:
  • Miriam Armstrong, B'82, '83
  • Angelo Ciavarella, B'05, '06
  • Angelina Magal, B'17
  • Peter Taylor, B'99
  • John Ulrich, B'11, '12, Chair
In 1993, the Trustees of the Bologna Center UK Charitable Trust voted on the establishment of a yearly fellowship to support the future generations of students from the UK at SAIS Europe. The fellowship was intended to be a collective effort funded through donations made by alumni.

In recent years, the UK Charitable Trust Fellowship has become even more important for students due to the cancellation of fellowship support from the UK government.

Since its inception, 22 students have benefitted from the UK Charitable Trust Fellowship.

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  • Ms. Lucy Rose Wordsworth Russell (UK) - B'22, '23

  • Ms. Rebecca John (UK) - B'18, '19
    Advisor and Head of Beirut Office, at Volunt?s, Beirut, Lebanon

  • Mr. William Yeldham (UK) - B'17, '18
    Intern at the United Nations Information Center, Washington, D.C.

  • Ms. Catherine Simon (UK) - B'15, '16
    National Security Secretariat at the Cabinet Office(European Union), London Head of Engagement, G7 Presidency Taskforce

  • Mr. Ayso van Eysinga (UK) - B'14, '15
    Director at Citi, London

  • Mr. Cormac Sullivan (UK) - B'13, '14
    Economic Analyst at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington D.C.

  • Ms. Anna Wilson (UK) - B'11, '12
    Principal, FI Policy Coordination, Financial Institutions at EBRD, London

  • Ms. Prudence Buxton (UK) - B'11, '12
    Policy and Program Manager at Department for International Development, London

  • Mr. Thomas Bowen (UK) - B'10, '11
    Director, Climate Change at Mathematica, Greater Boston

  • Ms. Camilla Macdonald (UK) - B'09, '10
    Diplomat at Foreign and Commonwealth Office at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Ms. Katherine McCarthy (UK) - B'08, '09
    Head of Editorial Operations Banking & Insurance at McKinsey & Company, brussels, Belgium

  • Mr. Loic Whitmore (UK) - B'07, '08
    Regional Programme Manager, Africa at Rutgers, Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Mr. Christopher Saunders (UK) - B'06, '07
    Energy Specialist at the World Bank, Washington D.C.

  • Mr. Daniel Farchy (UK) - B'04
    Climate Investment Manager, Green Climate Fund, South Korea

  • Mr. Allan Millington (UK) - B'03
    Global Data Policy Leader, Data Officec/o Ernst & Young Global Limited, London

  • Ms. Mary Morrison (UK) - B'03, '04
    NE Nigeria Coordinator, Senior Social Development Specialist (Fragility & Conflict) at The World Bank, Washington DC

  • Mr. Aidan Lewis (UK) - B'02, '03
    Journalist at Thomson Reuters, Cairo, Egypt

  • Ms. Louise Cross Grether (UK) - B'01
    Senior Director, Sotheby’s Monaco

  • Mr. Tim Gould (UK) - B'98
    Chief Energy Economist at International Energy Agency, Paris

  • Mr. David Schaub-Jones (UK) - B'98, '00
    Director of Tipping Point, Cape Town

  • Mr. Craig Robertson (UK) - B'96
    Interim Deputy Director - Covid 19 Response Advanced Learning & Science at The Scottish Government, Glasgow

  • Mr. David Riggs (UK) - B'94
    Director, Tullett Prebon, London

Unfortunately, the fellowship amount has decreased in recent years to the detriment of our ability to attract more than 1 or 2 students per year from the whole United Kingdom. Alumni generosity is critical to ensure that the UK Charitable Trust Fellowship continues to exist and we hope that many will start again to show their support of this important initiative.

Gifts are tax effective in the UK (for UK tax payers as well as dual US-UK tax payers) and can be made in several ways through JHU UK Charities: the Bologna Center of the Johns Hopkins University UK Charitable Trust and the JHU (USA) Foundation. For giving instructions see below.

Furthermore, all contributions made through JHU UK charities are eligible for the Inland Revenue's Gift Aid!

On behalf of SAIS Europe and its students, grazie mille!

To get involved in the initiative please contact the Bologna Center development staff.

Make a pledge and/or a gift now on our Online Donations page.

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