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Jill McGovern & Steven Muller

In addition to their most generous support to many JHU schools and programs, in 2008 Steven Muller (1927-2013), Johns Hopkins University President Emeritus, and his wife, Jill McGovern, established a fellowship at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) to support a German student spending a year in Bologna and a year in Washington, D.C. in a two-year Master's program. In April 2018 Jill and all the fellows will gather in Bologna to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the fellowship.

"As someone educated on both sides of the Atlantic, my husband, Steven Muller, who was President of Johns Hopkins University between 1972 and 1990, recognized the Bologna Center's role in fostering "the ability to communicate across national borders and cultures." So when we made our estate plans, we decided to endow a Fellowship at SAIS for an M.A. candidate who spends the first year at SAIS Europe and the last year at SAIS Washington. Our goal was to invest in the next generation of international leaders who would be prepared to find solutions to the economic, environmental, and political challenges of the 21st century.
Since 2009, when our Fellowship was launched, six of the highest caliber applicants to SAIS Europe have been selected as McGovern-Muller Fellows. It has been enormously satisfying to get to know all of the Fellows and to witness their academic and professional success. I am confident that, with their contributions as international leaders, they will fulfill our expectations and the world will be a better place."
- Jill E. McGovern, Ph.D.

Since 2009, 15 students have benefitted from the Jill McGovern and Steven Muller Fellowship.

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Ms. Theresa Luetkefend (2022)
Current Student

Mr. Walch Blasius (2021)
Research Fellow at Politics for Tomorrow, Berlin

Mr. Markus Specht (2020)
Research Analyst at International Monetary Fund

Mr. Jonas Prafke (2019)
Attaché at Federal Foreign Office, Berlin, Germany

Ms. Lucie Wuester (2018)
Consultant (Trade, Investment, Competitiveness - Central Asia) at The World Bank, Washington, D.C.

Ms. Christina Toenshoff (2017)
Ph.D Student and Teaching Assistant in International Political Economy at Stanford University, USA

Ms. Regina Rossmann (2016)
Senior Associate at Convergence Blended Finance, Toronto, Canada

Mr. Tobias Schneider (2015)
Research Fellow at Global Public Policy Istitute (GPPi), and Editor at Syria in Context, Berlin, Germany

Ms. Lisa Pflaum (2014)
Commercial Manager, Team Lead of Aurora's Berlin-based commercial team at Aurora Energy Research, Washington D.C.

Ms. Julia Heckman (2013)
Associate Officer, Global Energy, at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Washington, D.C.

Mr. Sebastian Ernst (2012)
Chief of Staff to German Ambassador to the United States, Washington, D.C.

Ms. Ines Burckhardt (2011)
Graduate trainee at Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR. Hamburg, Germany

Mr. Alexis Below (2010)
Head of Economic Department, German Embassy Cairo

Ms. Lenea M. Reuvers (2009)
Head of Health and Social Services at Sucht- und Drogenkoordination Wien gGmbH. Wien, Austria

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By tradition, Jill has met all the fellowship recipients over the years establishing strong and special relationships.

"When first informed about the Jill McGovern and Steven Muller Fellowship, I felt very honored and grateful for this choice, yet having been in Bologna for almost one year, I am even more thrilled by the opportunities that this fellowship offers me. Studying at SAIS and particularly at SAIS Europe is a unique experience as the community of professors, fellow students and administration form an exceptional, enriching environment both in academic and in social terms. All of the experiences, challenges and memories that this year has provided me with have been made possible by the Steven Muller and Jill McGovern Fellowship. But this fellowship surpasses the mere financial aspects. What renders this fellowship so unique and precious is Jill McGovern´s extraordinary commitment to each of the fellows. Early in October last year, we first met via Skype and I was thrilled by her genuine interest in me and my plans for the future, as well as her wish to build a personal relationship. In March, Jill spent a week in Bologna to participate in the annual Advisory Council Meeting, and we finally had the chance to meet in person. We met several times, had dinner together and visited an art exhibition. Not only did we have a great time together, Jill also gave me valuable advice on future career plans and introduced me to other members of the advisory council, as well as Johns Hopkins University's President Ronald Daniels. Furthermore, what is special about this fellowship is the strong network of former fellows which Jill is actively promoting. With that being said, I am very thankful for the opportunities this fellowship provides me with, and I am looking forward to further growing my relationship with Jill and meeting the other members of the Steven Muller and Jill McGovern Fellowship family either in Berlin this summer or later this year in Washington D.C." - Lisa Pflaum

To join the network of fellows, contact the Bologna Center development staff.

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