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Excellence in Gender

The Excellence in Gender Research Fund is an endeavor stemming from an idea of the Global Women Leadership students' group of the Bologna Class of 2018 and benefitting from the support of Bologna alumni, mostly members of the Bologna Class of 1975. Its goal is to offer SAIS Europe students the opportunity to underline the importance of research on the role of gender in international relations and the ways it shapes policies.

This initiative originates from the recognition that gender studies are becoming ever important in the current international arena and that gender is a factor touching upon and influencing the various facets of international relations. Hence, being able to investigate the role gender plays in the structure of a society, both past and present, is a crucial tool for today's expert in the field of international relations.

The Fund supports two equally important initiatives:
  • Student Reseach. SAIS Europe students who are interested in bringing a gender perspective to the field and in exploring how gender relations affect and are affected by international relations can apply for research funding in amounts up to Euro 500 per project.

  • The Excellence in Gender Research Prize. This award honors the best research paper or article produced by SAIS Europe students which engages a gender perspective to examine international affairs. The Prize is worth Euro 200 and will be awarded at the end of the academic year.

Those who wish to contribute to the initiative can make a pledge and/or a gift now at our Online Donation page. For more information about tax efficiency giving in Europe, please click here.

Questions and comments about gifts to this initiative can be directed to the SAIS Europe Development team.

The fund has raised $13,918.

On Saturday, May 25, 2019 on the occasion of the SAIS Europe Commencement Ceremony, the first ever Excellence in Gender Research Prize was awarded to two excellent students: Ms. Miranda Bain and Ms. Julie Stoever.

Julie wrote an outstanding essay which shows how women who have held Executive Office in the US, have been hawkish, rather than dovish. She examines this through a case study of Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, and Hilary Clinton (as Secretary of State).

Miranda was nominated by three professors for papers touching upon the topics of abortion from a human rights perspective, the impact of gender ideology on political agendas in Latin America, and the life and work of Winona LaDuke.

Click here to watch the recording of the award announcement by Professor Nina Hall, chair of the academic board in charge of selecting the winning paper.

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