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James Anderson
Mary Bourque
Camille Hill
Daniela and Ajay Kaisth
Bjorn Kjellstrom
Christina Kulich
Kathryn Neal
Melitta Schubert
Ingrid Schwaiger
Erika and Hasan Teoman
Judith Van Walsum
Vincenz Wagner
Laura Yeager
"Success is important, but kindness matters. Pay it forward."

Four SAIS Europe alumni, inspired by the generosity of SAIS Europe Advisory Council Chairman James Anderson, have established a new perpetual fund to support student internships at SAIS Europe. The alumni, Daniela and Ajay KAISTH (B’89) and Erika and Hasan TEOMAN (B’82 and B’80-81 respectively), are naming the fund in honor of in memory of Lina Amaduzzi and in honor of Hannelore Aragno, two women who helped shape generations of students in Bologna. Each year, the Fund will provide financial assistance to students so that they may pursue formative internship experiences to help them kick off a successful international career.

The Kaisths and Teomans are seeking to ensure that students do not have to forego a meaningful internship experience due to lack of funding. They knew that Lina and Hannelore would have done everything they could to help them! Click here to learn more about these two wonderful women.

The Kaisths' and Teomans' contributions were fully matched by the Anderson matching program, and reached a total of the $100,000 needed to open the new Amaduzzi and Aragno Student Internship Fund at SAIS Europe which will benefit more generations of students to come and will ensure that Lina and Hannelore's names and legacy live on in perpetuity. The fund is now established and open to all those who are interested in supporting it.

"We hope to inspire our fellow alumni in contributing to this Fund, which will enable current students with financial need to take advantage of career-enhancing internships. And we also hope to inspire recipients to give back and pay forward in future years." – Daniela & Ajay Kaisth

"We are delighted to be able to join this thoughtful initiative by Daniela and Ajay Kaisth to start a much-needed endowed internship fund and to recognize our dear friends Lina Amaduzzi (RIP) and Hannelore Aragno for their extraordinary support of SAIS students in Bologna for many years." – Erika & Hasan Teoman

Since 2021, 4 students have benefitted from the Amaduzzi-Aragno Internship Fund.

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Ms. Maame Ampem (2023)
Intern at UNHCR office in Pretoria, South Africa

Mr. Alessio Frizzarin (2022)
Intern at Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission, Brussels

Mr. Williams Enenche Noah (2021)
Country Officer, Anglophone Africa for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), Nigeria

Mr. Sheran D. Munasinghe Arachchige (2021)
Associate, Green Hydrogen Catapult at RMI, Washington DC

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