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Student Government 2007  (BC07)
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Ole  Andreassen ( DC01)
Anne Andreassen (BC99 / DC00)
Umberto Boeri (BC08 / DC09)
Curtis Butler (BC91 / DC92)
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Labro Clades (BC79 / DC80)
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David Schatsky (BC91 / DC92)
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Robert Stowe (BC98)
Abby Turk (BC93 / DC93)
James Upton (BC91 / DC92)
Adrian Westlake (BC91 / DC92)
David Zammit (BC98)
Former students and friends of Patrick McCarthy decided to support research in perpetuity at the Bologna Center. The initiative was launched by classes of 1991 and 1999 but is open to other classes and individuals. The aim of the Patrick McCarthy Fund is to support research activities of the Bologna Center faculty members, and cover some or all of the salary of the Patrick McCarthy Professors at the Bologna Center.

As a tribute to Patrick McCarthy's career and passion, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his passing, SAIS Europe dedicated the Alumni Weekend opening panel titled "Politics, Culture and the New Populism" to Patrick. More details here.

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