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Kristof Abbeloos (BC04)
James Anderson (BC81 / DC / Ph.D.)
Emily Ardell (BC04)
Jennifer Arnold (BC03)
Rachel Bahn (BC / DC / Ph.D.)
Benjamin Bain (BC04)
Goetz Bechtolsheimer (BC03)
Miladin Bogetic (BC / DC / Ph.D.)
Oystein Bryhni (BC04)
Headley Butler (BC03)
Lindsey Anne Callahan (BC / DC / Ph.D.)
Doug Campbell (BC / DC / Ph.D.)
Charles Clinton W. Carter (BC03)
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David Ciulla (BC05)
Sander Cohan (BC03)
Alastair Coutts (BC03)
Jacquelyne Dille (BC03)
Andrew Duff (BC06)
Gregor Feige (BC03)
Matthias Feldmann (BC06)
Yoshino Funaki (BC04)
Blair Glencorse (BC03)
Joost Gorter (BC04)
Johan Gott (BC03)
Saverio Grazioli-Venier (BC03)
Julie Hackett (BC03)
Peter Holland (BC / DC / Ph.D.)
Jessica Holzer (BC03)
Caitlin Hughes (BC03)
Robert Isaac (BC / DC / Ph.D.)
Alexandra Jaeckh (BC03)
Erik Jones (BC89)
Gorter Joost (BC03)
Eirin Kallestad (BC04)
Eleanor Keppelman (BC03)
Candice Koo (BC04)
Sarah Leddy (BC03)
Jennifer Linker (BC03)
Janine Mans (BC / DC / Ph.D.)
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Catherine McSweeney (BC03 / DC05)
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Kenneth Monahan (BC03)
Fumiko Nagano (BC03)
Andrew Natenshon (BC03)
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Steven Rust (BC04)
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Dan Sullivan (BC04)
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George Turner (BC06)
Matteo Vaccani (BC06)
Florian Von Oppenheim (BC98)
Ashley Wang (BC03 / DC04)
Susanne Wegl (BC04)
The news of Frederick (Fred) Hood's tragic death in a freak skiing accident in Austria on December 24th, 2008 struck the Bologna Center's students, faculty and staff with profound disbelief and sorrow.

Fred's academic and professional career at SAIS spanned five years, touching the lives of five Bologna Center classes along with numerous faculty and staff. He first arrived at the Bologna Center in September 2002. He then completed his M.A.I.A. degree the following year and returned to Bologna in 2004 where he carried out his SAIS Doctoral work through 2007. Fred was the teaching assistant whose name every student looked for and the research assistant who professors came to rely upon. Fred's wit, charm, brilliance, and irrepressible theatrical talent were infused in all his work and touched everyone he encountered. It goes without saying that Fred's passing left our community with a huge hole, one which we are still mending today. He is sorely missed.

In celebration of Fred's life and accomplishments, a Fred Hood Memorial, based on a Quaker meeting, was held at the Bologna Center on May 3rd, 2009. The event was moderated by Professors Thomas Row and Adrian Lyttelton and was enriched by the numerous friends and family members in attendance.

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