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Clay Alexander
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Julie Baumgarten-Rozek
Erik Bomans
Jana Chaloupecka
Helen Chin
Mary Crass Fenu
Catharina De Lange
Theo Dickens
Jacek Dziembaj
Jim Egan
Katherine Felsen Di Pietro
Ilse Freiwirth
Esteban Garcia de Motiloa
Elizabeth Goldstein
Christopher Goncalves
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Yelda Ece Guven
Marta Hidalgo
Ilaya Hopkins
Catherine Jarmain
Cem Karacadag
Lars Larson
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Monroe Mathias
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Amy Medearis
Victoria Mills
David O'Callaghan
Mark Quinn
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Adair Roberts
Tine Rossing
Johannes Schaffer
Christian Siegele
Shin Umezu
Stephan van Vliet
Laura Weir
Linda Wolin
Vedat Yeltekin
Helga Ying

For many Alumni, the year in Bologna has been a life-changing experience both from an academic and a personal point of view. Launching a class initiative is a meaningful way to celebrate this, giving to future generation of students the possibility to live the same kind of experience.

In April 2017 during Alumni Weekend, some members of the Bologna Class of 1992 - led by Erik Bomans, Jim Egan, David O'Callaghan, Ilaya Hopkins and Lars Larson - had an informal meeting and decided to launch a fundraising initiative for fellowship support as an additional way to celebrate their Bologna 25th Anniversary in memory of Jim, Gwen, Sonja, and Laura.

The goal was to raise $100,000 and open an endowment which will secure in perpetuity a yearly Bologna Class of 1992 Fellowship. Thanks to the generosity of many classmates and the matching funds offered by James Anderson in June 2020 the fund was opened.

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