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The Bologna Class of 1990 launched a fundraising initiative during their 20th reunion in 2010. Impressed by the transformation of the building and aware that the funding needs for the renovation were not yet met, they came together to raise funds and name the Reading Room on the mezzanine floor of the Robert H. Evans library.

In 2015, five years after this successful effort, Sarita Jha and Tanya Lolonis went back to their classmates and proposed to also celebrate their 25th reunion. They discussed the goal during the Alumni Weekend in April and decided to support fellowships for SAIS Europe students.

Their reunion in Bologna gave them not only the chance to reconnect with classmates, but also the opportunity to reflect on how significant the year in Bologna was for their lives both personally and professionally. They very much want to offer the same opportunity to future generations of students.

The goal is to raise $100,000 and open an endowment which will secure in perpetuity a yearly Bologna Class of 1990 Fellowship.

Whatever you can afford, we are asking you to help: is $100 all you can do right now? Ok! $1,000 spread out over five years? We can accommodate you. You can be more generous than that and commit $5,000 a year for the next five years? We love you! And, if you can do more than that, well, our appreciation will be in perpetuity just like our Fellowship Fund!

Members of the Class of 1990 who would like to get involved in the initiative, should contact Sarita Jha or the Bologna Center development staff.

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