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During the I Bolognesi a Londra Event in October, we had the occasion to meet up with Mimi Armstrong from the Class of 1982. She was literally thrilled to serve as class leader and begin helping the class with the organization of their 30th reunion in Bologna (April 27-29, 2012). She immediately involved Bonnie Byers and Barbara Politi and started working for their anniversary.

They all agreed that the reunion in April offers an opportunity and venue, not only to meet up with friends with whom they shared a life-changing - or at the very least - a lively year together, but also the chance to give back to the institution which gave so much to them and contributed in so many ways to who they have all become. For this reason they decided to mark this important milestone by launching a class initiative to support Bologna Center students.

The goal was to raise $100,000 and open an endowment which will secure in perpetuity a yearly Bologna Class of 1982 Fellowship. Thanks to the generosity of many classmates and the matching funds offered by James Anderson in June 2021 the fund was opened.

The first Bologna Class of 1982 Fellowship recipient is Ms. Reyan de Verteuil from Trinidad and Tobago.

2022 will be the year of their 40th anniversary in Bologna. Stay tuned for more information on how the class will celebrate this important milestone!

Members of the Class of 1982 who would like to get involved in the initiative, should contact the Bologna Center development staff. or the class leaders:
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