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On the occasion of their 30th anniversary in 2001, the Bologna Class of 1971 decided to celebrate this special reunion by establishing a fund at the Bologna Center which ensures in perpetuity a yearly Class of 1971 Fellowship.

In 2021, true to their class spirit, many 1971ers have joined forces and embarked on a new 50th anniversary fundraising drive, which aimed to increase the capital of their endowed fund by $200,000 thanks also to the 1:1 James Anderson matching program. By early 2022, the class reached and surpassed its goal. Well done, Class of 1971!

Since 2003, 19 students have benefitted from the Class of 1971 Fellowship:

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This year, the Class of 1971 Fellowship recipient is Ms. Chuhan Yu from China.

By tradition, some representatives from the Class of 1971 have met their fellowship recipients over the years.

Members of the Class of 1971 who would like to get involved in the initiative, should contact Eric Melby, Claudia Flisi or the Bologna Center development staff.
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