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Inspired by many other Bologna classes, in April 2013 Naneen and Axel Neubohn have taken the lead of a class effort in honor of their 50th anniversary. They proposed to their classmates to celebrate this special milestone by raising funds to establish the Bologna Class of 1963 Fellowship providing critical support to SAIS students:

"Through class initiatives Alumni/ae want to support the school and make sure the opportunity they had continues to be available for today's talented students. It was in this spirit that Axel and I offered to make a gift that might encourage you and others to come forward with additional support. There are many demands on all of us for financial support, especially in arduous economic times, but we all know how important the year in Bologna was for us (and still is) and we all saw the breadth of talent that the students possess. They deserve our support.

So we ask you also to give and let's try together to build a Bologna Class of 1963 Fellowship fund over the remaining years that we all have, starting with a commemorative 50th reunion gift and then perhaps continuing with regular giving going forward, as you can manage.

Please do think about what you might be able to do and we welcome your support of this initiative."

A heartfelt grazie goes to those who have accepted their invitation and during the past years have contributed to the Bologna Class of 1963 Fellowship fund.

Now all the funds have been distributed to students. We call on the generosity of all the 63ers to continue keeping this meaningful fellowship alive!

Since its inception, 4 students have benefitted from the Bologna Class of 1963 Fellowship:

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Members of the Class of 1963 who would like to get involved in the initiative, should contact the Bologna development staff.
Make a pledge and/or a gift now on our Online Donations page.

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